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Shipping to & from Anywhere

We invite you to make use of our services and draw on our strengths and skills, in order to enhance and develop your own business activities. The company is owner-managed, and the owners are continuously and directly involved in all aspects of our operations.

You have a need, We have the SOLUTION

24/7 Customer Care

We are dedicated to giving our clients the best of services required; we have built trust through transparency and honesty in dealing with our clients

Best Price Guaranteed

We offer cost effective and timely clearing and forwarding services both for sea and air shipments in Dar es Salaam and Tanzania

Safety & Security

We utilize the available resources in the best possible manner so as to ensure safety at sea and prevent damage to environment.

Best Service

We have Experienced Customs Clearing personnel that will assist with tariff classifications, audits and detailed costings

Why Choosing us?

Safety & Security

insured against damage, loss, and pilferage and, in some cases, delay.

Best Service

labelled correctly to ensure that the goods are handled properly and arrive on time and at the right place

100% Safe Delivery

packed correctly so that it arrives in good condition;



Why Choosing us?

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Zappex International

Is culmination of over 15 years of hard work, dedication and efficiency. Our Services revolves around custom broking, freight forwarding, transport and logistics and the company has acquired a long list of leading corporate houses that have been constantly using its services for years.

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Keep in Touch

Address Dar es salaam, Tanzania

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 Call +255 755 248 983 | 0754 280 488

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